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Why are we different from other programs?

Children in our program are learning at a high dual language academic level, not only to be prepared for primary school, but also to impact the world. Exposing your child to a Christian, bilingual and multicultural environment from an early age leads to an appreciation of diversity, better problem-solving skills and greater opportunities in today’s global economy.


Brain Development

Studies show that being bilingual has many cognitive benefits. According to research, speaking a second language can mean that you have a better attention span and can multi-task better than monolinguals.



Bilingual children are usually more adaptable to new environments, meeting new people, and stepping out of their comfort zone.



Bilingual children tend to have a higher concentration and are better at working through distractions while doing their school work, because they are having to switch from one language to another constantly.


Future professional opportunities

Speaking a second language has numerous employment benefits. Being bilingual means that there are more job opportunities depending on which languages you speak.

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Learn about Our Programs

Preschool Programs

Curriculum is 50% teacher-initiated and 50% student-initiated. We meet South Carolina “Good Start, Grow Smart” standards so that every child is ready for Kindergarten.

After School Programs

Spanish lesson where they practice reading, writing and conversing in the Spanish language.

Summer Programs

Partial-language immersion program. Each week follows a different theme and includes fun games and activities that teach Spanish vocabulary and simple phrases.

I am so grateful that a wonderful school like My Amigos Bilingual Education Center is in West Columbia! Since my daughter was born I knew she needed to have a bilingual education and this is all possible thanks to MABEC!

The teachers and all the staff are great and make you feel like family.

My husband and I are extremely satisfied with our daughter's education so we highly recommend this school to everyone!!

- Cindy Lama Kantemur