Preparing global citizens for success!


My Amigos Bilingual Education Center, teaches children, our future leaders, to be global citizens who are not only prepared for academic success, but are prepared to make a positive impact in our community and our world!

Do you know what makes My Amigos Bilingual Education Center different from other preschools and afterschool programs? Children in our programs are learning and growing in a bilingual, multicultural environment from an early age which is critical to meeting the challenges between different cultures and races today. As a result, these children learn to see other people and cultures through a different lens. They learn that just because someone does something different, it is not necessarily wrong. It simply means that there can be more than one way to reach a conclusion. This also leads to better problem solving skills which has been proven by research. Ultimately, the children at My Amigos learn to respect differences and appreciate diversity while also developing academic skills in two languages.In today’s global economy, greater opportunities are in store for the bilingual individual. Such opportunities will be available to each child who grows and learns through his/her experience at My Amigos Bilingual Education Center. My Amigos Bilingual Education Center experience will result in a bilingual child who is not only prepared to enter primary school, but is prepared to impact his/her world.

We hope you will give your child the gift of a bilingual education and let us partner with your family in preparing him/her to be a global citizen!

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